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    Know what you want to say but can’t put the words together?!

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    Marketing Strategy Gold Coast
    We believe in implementing simple and easy Sales and Marketing strategies that will lead to more business for you.

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    Welcome to our blog where you will find thoughts, tips, advice and articles on topics which relate to sales and marketing and occasionally a random subject thrown in!
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Research-Based Growth Strategies

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    Are you a business based on the Gold Coast or in Australia and need Marketing Services, Marketing Assistance or perhaps help with Copy Writing?

    Would you like to market your business more effectively so you can create a steady stream of leads, referrals and prospects to work with? Does the sound of more Marketing Leads for your Gold Coast business sound appealing?

    We can help you!!

  • Marketing Agency

    As a Gold Coast based Marketing Agency we work with business owners across Australia covering various areas of marketing including Marketing Plans, Marketing Strategy, Outsourced Marketing Services, Direct Marketing, Social Media Planning and Support, Lead Generation Campaign Management, Copy Writing services and much more.

  • Marketing Consulting

    We work directly with business owners to develop marketing plans that meet business objectives, generate leads and help turn those leads into paying customers to increase turnover. Whether you need help with one aspect of Marketing, or you need someone to manage all of your marketing, Direct Marketing Solutions can help.

  • Results Driven Organisation

    Here at Direct Marketing Solutions, we are a results driven organisation, which means we will only work with clients on marketing that provides results whether the result is sales, leads or enquiries.

    So don’t delay! If you need help with marketing and are a Gold Coast or Australian based business then, call us now – 1300367334 or email info@directmarketingsolutions.com.au

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    Top 5 Marketing Mistakes Clients Make
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  • Business Coach Australia

    Five Things To Look For When Hiring A Business Coach

    Ever since I began my business in Australia, I wondered whether I actually needed a Business Coach I was only making around $50k a year in my Australian based business, and having a coach felt like a very extravagant move, back then. I thought that it was larger companies that relied on Business Coaches Boy was […]

  • Content Marketing Ideas Small Business

    Content Marketing Ideas For Small Business

    Content Marketing Ideas for Small Business You wanted a blog. Everyone said it was an essential tool for marketing your business. But no one mentioned what a chore it can be to keep up to date, to continually think up new content marketing ideas for your small business, and to feel enthused about writing yet […]

  • Copy Writing Gold Coast

    Promoting Your Small Business On a Budget

    When it comes to promoting or marketing your small business, it’s easy to think that because your marketing budget is small, your marketing activity should match. Wrong! Although larger organisations have more to marketing dollars to play with, there are lots of ways you can leverage your activity to get the most out of it. […]

  • Copy Writing Gold Coast

    How Do I Use A Sales Funnel

    Have you heard the phrase ‘Sales Funnel’ lately? Are you questioning whether you need one for your business? Sales Funnels are certainly not something new, but it does feels like the phrase has experienced a new lease of life!! It’s similar to a Sales Pipeline but is more to do with the activity around creating […]

  • Social Media Gold Coast

    Online marketing – Top 8 things you need to know

    The Internet has completely changed the way companies advertise. It’s no longer profitable to put adverts in newspapers, and TV commercials don’t have the same impact they once did. Indeed, there are many more effective ways to market online then simply having an embedded advert. The rise of SEO, social media and viral content has […]

  • Social Media Gold Coast

    How to use video in your social media marketing

    Using video in your social media marketing can seem like a daunting and expensive task. The truth is, video is one of the most effective ways to reach your audience through social media, and can be free. Most of us own a smartphone that has an effective built-in camera, therefore, don’t need to spend money […]

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