• Marketing + Digital Strategy

    Having an effective Marketing Strategy working in your business should result in a revenue increase. At DMS we create customised Marketing Strategy that covers Online Marketing, Promotional Tactics, Content Planning, Activity and Budget. Work with us to get your strategy working for your business.

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  • Copywriting + Content Management

    Know what you want to say but can’t put the words together? Whether your business is based on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne or online, we can help sell your business in ways that engage and convert to sales.

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  • Social Media Strategy

    Get maximum results in minimum time with our tailored Social Media Strategy, created for your business. To begin with we book in a consultation in order to get a good understanding of your business and target market. We then develop a Social Media Strategy that aligns with your business. You will receive a mapped out strategy that breaks down the Social Media channels suggested, and the reasons why. If required, we then work with you further to manage the Social Media.

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    A properly developed marketing strategy can not only connect you with the right customers, but it’s a fantastic way to get people talking about your business, your product, or your service. However, marketing mistakes can just as easily cost your business thousands of dollars. Here is a checklist of five mistakes commonly made in marketing and how you can avoid them.

    Top 5 Marketing Mistakes Clients Make
    And How To Avoid Them

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  • Facebook Marketing

    Promote Your Business With Facebook Marketing

    Easiest Way To Promote Business With Facebook Marketing I wrote a blog post a couple of years ago about the most cost effective way to promote your business (you can take a read here) and whilst Facebook Marketing was mentioned within the ‘Social Media’ section, it wasn’t singled out. Until now that is! The truth […]

  • Social Media Consultant

    Social Media Consultant

    Social Media Consultant So what is a Social Media Consultant and what do they do? Great question, and one I’m often asked. Social Media Consultant – that term in itself is as lose as a Finance Consultant.. do they provide finance, offer advice, plan your finance, protect your finance, grow your finance, and so on. […]

  • Email Marketing

    Email Marketing Etiquette – Do’s and Don’ts

    Email Marketing Etiquette – Do’s and Don’ts The digital world has made everything super-fast and that includes Email Marketing. There is no denying that the way we communicate and build relationships with people today has been influenced by the world around us. In this fast-paced world face to face communication has almost become unnecessary. People […]

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